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Register First & wait for account activation

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[*]Before you can post your link, you must register in the forums and the board administrator will activate your account if valid.
[*]Once your account is activated, you will not receive an activation email announcing your account is now active.
[*]You have to keep checking back to the forums and try login and then post. But from experience allow 1-week for account to be activated.
[*]You can then post in the forum your site to be linked.
[*]Give a valid reasons why site needs linking, i.e. benefits of your site, the audience the site is trying to reach, etc..
[*]Finaly we ask you link our own site and help us spread the word on Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), please provide evidence you have done this.

Thank you

Note: Activation is our way to stop forum spam. Thank you for your understanding in this.